Sunday, June 21, 2009

Movie Marathon

I consider myself to be an average movie goer. However, the last one week has been a crazy movie marathon. The weekend was laced with trips to the movies.... the night before the 10 year graduation class reunion, it was "Angels and Demons" after which we (i.e. dev, padma and i) decided to stay up and chat till 3am.

With four hours of sleep we woke up to Saturday which promised to be one long day..... Right from shopping for the perfect clothes to getting ready and reaching the party zone, it was one fight against time as I decided to get all these things done in one day-the day of the reunion! Since multitasking was second nature to me, I did well to reach the venue in one piece....The party was fun, catching up with the catching up, dancing, food and drinks, we decided to crash at a friends far so sane...

However Saturday night also got wrapped up by 3am after a lot of yapping....woke up on Sunday which started with a special omelette du fromage preparation by dev which ended at 10am....that was one long breakfast! Now what good is a Sunday without a trip to the movies again...Dragged dev for "Bride Wars"-fully faaltu chic-flick-My advice..please avoid it like plague.

While at the movies dev decided we had to take a break and come back for "Star Trek" at night..which is exactly what we the time the movie began at 10pm I was completely zonked and was sleeping with my eyes open... However the movie turned out to be just the potion to wake me up from my sleep-Must watch if you are a trekkie.

The movie marathon continued with this weekend, as dev and I went for "X Men origins"-You may miss this one too..a bit dramatic for my tastes..

All in all I think I made up for the drought in movie viewing that I underwent in the last 4 months..