Thursday, April 30, 2009

Doga-Yoga redefined!

It is common knowledge that interacting with pets is supposed to relax you and the same goes for yoga.. However, when you mix the two (i suppose the relaxed feeling increases exponentially) you get Doga-yoga with pets like dogs and cats!!. This form of yoga is practiced in Malaysia-Dev was informed by the local guide who showed him pictures of little pupps being balanced on tummies of men and women who were attempting the Dhanurasan! I had to post this one, the mental pics were just too funny!! This pic here shows a lady actually practicing doga...the dog seems to be working more though...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rakhi Ka Swayamvara

Ok...I know that those of you who are not clued into reality TV in India are wondering, what on earth?!?? after reading this title...but hang on...remember Rakhi Sawant from all those cheesy (bordering on cheap) music videos where she strutted her stuff against the shocking pink and electric blue backdrops...yeah..its all coming back to you now, isn't it??? the deal is this...Ms. Sawant is finally taking the plunge into marital bliss... However Rakhi always finds novel ways to entertain the populace at which she is now a certified professional. She has decided to go and find herself a groom through the process of Swayamvara on national television and the folks at NDTV have been ever so kind to allow her to use their network to find the love of her sweet of them...aawwww!!! Now this is no cheap trick she is pulling on her audience/fans. Its a very scientific process, where men wishing to get married to Rakhi have to register themselves with the show. Rakhi would then choose 15 chaps of her liking, and would stay with them under one roof. During this time, she will give her prospective grooms various tasks to perform and those who fail these tasks obviously have to take a bow. The final week will see Rakhi marrying the groom of her choice. And since she would be getting married at the end of the show, she even would be attempting to get acquainted to the families of these participants-so thoughtful! Now this is what I call fultoo entertainment... In the words of Ms. Sawant " Mein jo bhi hu, TV ke vajah se hu...Jo bhi mere paas hai, woh TV ne diya hai...agar mein shaadi karungi, toh woh bhi TV ke zariye karungi" Waah waahh Rakhiji, kya khoob kahi hai aapne!!! Here is wishing Rakhi Sawant, All the best and may the best man win!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random thoughts....

I wonder what makes the rickshaw meters tick..Is it a function of the distance travelled or the time taken to cover the distance or the number of times the guy running the auto hits the break..

Have you noticed that when you are cleaning up at home, there is a direct corelation between the inaccesibility of a certain part of your house and the amount of dust and dirt lodged exactly in the same spot!

Why do some people have the innate ability to always say the wrong and most insensitive thing while trying to sound concerned and friendly, thereby coming across as a complete monster/jerk?

Why is Edward Norton always a retard in almost all his movies???? Just occured to me while watching this movie called "The Score"...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Always the Best Man!

Those who have seen episodes of the 1990s popular TV show Dawson's creek would agree with me that the character of Pacey J Witter, was far more colourful, smart, better looking and witty compared to the main guy Dawson Leary who seemed eternally confused about what he wants. Similarly in Friends, the character of Chandler Bing, extremely defined and laced with humour, but never really in focus. Or for that matter, the sarcastic doctor from Scrubs, Doc Perry Cox, whose every dialogue is packed with a punch. Yet, he is just one of the several personalities at the madhouse.

Oftentimes I have seen this trend in television shows where the main man's friend has a better and well rounded character as compared to the lead character... I wonder it seems like the case of Always the Best man and not the groom!

This just occured to me, hence I had to write it!!! I wonder if life imitates art in these areas??