Friday, April 3, 2009

Always the Best Man!

Those who have seen episodes of the 1990s popular TV show Dawson's creek would agree with me that the character of Pacey J Witter, was far more colourful, smart, better looking and witty compared to the main guy Dawson Leary who seemed eternally confused about what he wants. Similarly in Friends, the character of Chandler Bing, extremely defined and laced with humour, but never really in focus. Or for that matter, the sarcastic doctor from Scrubs, Doc Perry Cox, whose every dialogue is packed with a punch. Yet, he is just one of the several personalities at the madhouse.

Oftentimes I have seen this trend in television shows where the main man's friend has a better and well rounded character as compared to the lead character... I wonder it seems like the case of Always the Best man and not the groom!

This just occured to me, hence I had to write it!!! I wonder if life imitates art in these areas??


Superchef said...

hmm..good observation. Come to think of it, it is true!! wonder why?!!

Ancella said...

What you say is true on the silver screen; and they say that movies plots and characters draw inspiration from real life experiences.....but for the life of me....I can't come up with a good enough "real life" example for this "Always the best man" scenario.....