Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where have the crisp editorials gone??

I barely get the time to read the newspapers extensively due to hectic work schedules. However, I was home early and decided to skim through the Bombay Times section of TOI for a light read, and chanced upon an article with a catchy title. Written by a lady who was supposedly the Editor of the lifestyle section, it left me searching for the punchlines and high points in the article. It came across as a complete drag and almost seemed colloquial in style. I am assuming that writers of these articles are trying to connect with their readers. But this piece of expose was plain sad, as the matter seemed to come across as excerpts from a conversation between two gossip mongers!!!
The article in question was focusing on the lame and selfish PR tricks used by Bollywood actors today and how the press should react/combat it. Ahem, that was a nice thought! It goes on to say that the press gets taken for ride as these actors go all out with their publicity stunts just before the release of their movies and then disappear once their objectives are met.
Following are the lines from that article-Celebs measure and weigh every word. The readers would be more interested in reading about a star cheating on his wife instead of lame quotes about how much they enjoyed the making of a boring film. Let’s get real guys. Why should we accept whatever rubbish they give us? They have no sense of loyalty towards their fans, let us at least be more answerable to our readers and give them what they really want.
I do not claim to be voracious reader (judging by the stuff i am writing about!!) but this article makes me want to say-Get real guys!!!!!

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B.L. Pitt said...

hmmm ... what were you really pissed at??