Friday, May 1, 2009

Mumbaikars show the middle finger to elections

India has been under the weather for a while now with terror attacks and the recent recession laced with corporate scams. However when the time came to cast our precious vote, very little could be said about the turnout especially in the city of Mumbai. Many Mumbaikars including famous names from the entertainment and business community spoke vociferously in favour of being a part of the system that runs the city. This feeling of ownership was strongly felt after the 26/11 terror attacks when most television channels hosted debates on what can be done to make Mumbai an excellent place to live. When the time to vote came, the voter turnout in Mumbai was at an abysmal 43.5%. Bollywood did their bit by waltzing in their luxury cars to vote and lost no time to blame the rest of the city for the poor turnout. Maybe it was the heat or the long weekend, but people in the city did not go out and cast their vote. I wonder what were the demographics of those who did vote.


Tamarind Tango said...

Oh yeah...after the shoe-chucking spree, everyone was super-excited about voting...but as always, there's more fizz than following for such actions...btw, hey did u vote?? u know wat? I've never voted myself but wen i got my voter id, i was told some1's cast vote twice on my behalf;)

BloggerGal said...

well thats such a shame but probably in hindsight it was predictable..the most voluble during the blasts were probably the ones who sat at home..