Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sasuji's treat!

My job has brought me to Ahmedabad this week. It is from here that I write this post about a restaurant called “Sasuji” which serves up authentic Gujarati thali. Since we had heard decent reviews of this place, we decided to try the place even though we had to work post lunch which was a daunting task in itself. This place is perennially packed with hungry folks who will lap up the local cuisine with all gusto. With a simple décor the restaurant serves the thali containing the regular spread of unlimited gheewala rotis and puris, dal, kadhi, dhokla, chilla, 4 types of sabjis, chutney, salad and papad along with buttermilk and sweets. All of this at a reasonable price of Rs.150/ -.
What makes this place unique is that in all the customer traffic the floor in charge and the servers barely talk to each other and communicate through sign language only. If any table was in need of refills, these servers would signal each other and your plate would be refilled instantly! Each item was assigned a different hand gesture and number. For instance, the chutneys came in a serving vessel containing 2 bowls; hence the number two was assigned for chutney. Similarly the vegetables came in a container of 4 bowls and therefore the number four was assigned for vegetables. The waiters would snap their fingers for refills and most often when you hear the sound of snapping, rest assured, someone was getting served to their heart's content!


Vimzy said...

Mouth watering !! Hope you tried the traditional breakfast there.. the jabeli's & fafdas :)

B.L. Pitt said...

Nice ... but it's still veg.