Saturday, September 29, 2007

Perils of participating in seat booking

We looked at how to handle getting off the fast train. Hope you have been getting better at it. Instead of maneuvering the fourth seat while we shall get ourselves acquainted with pros and cons of seat booking, a phenomenon peculiar of Mumbaikars.

It so happened that I always got into the train very early on at Khar a good 6 stations before the real good crowd pours in. On settling down for the third seat from the window I assumed that there was just about enough place left for a three year old. Once we reached Kurla, a crowded suburb in eastern Mumbai, a rush of women got in as though that was the last train for the day and began booking their seats. Unaware of the trouble that lay ahead, a collegian booked my seat just around the same time that the fourth seat occupied by a rather tiny lady was vacated at the station that I was about to get out. Now imagine the scene that erupted when two seats were up for grabs at Chembur. The altercation that broke out between the young collegian and the other ladies around for the third seat were a sight that would give anyone a sore eye. Well the fourth seat… who cares about that one anyway!

The next time you let someone book your seat, make sure you lay down the rules!!

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