Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rules of train travelling

Have you ever traveled by fast trains during peak hours, be it by the first or second class and felt that your feet aren’t really moving but you are getting off the train anyway? If not, then read on and be prepared for the ride of your life, which could be more disconcerting that a ride in Essel World’s roller coaster!

Now you must know that I am yet a novice at train traveling and I am slowly learning the ropes. So I figured that I would be doing some social service to those uninitiated who will soon be taking their first train ride in Bombay.

I have had the opportunity of traveling by the Virar and Bhayendar fast train from Dadar station and my first life saver lesson came from these trips. Now listen carefully and please be with me while I relive those few moments while alighting at Bandra station which is the next stop once the train leaves Dadar. The key is to know when to get off the train. Now you may say, well that’s easy… get off when the train comes to a halt at the station. However if you don’t register the smaller nuances of the system you could very well get off at the next stop- Andheri! Let’s back up a bit and learn how to get it right. Step one is to survey the sea of humanity when the train starts slowing down at the station, just so you know what you are up against. Step two- very important one, is to take your position at either of the ends of the door and if possible merge into the interiors of the train door. Next when the train completely halts, hold your breathe and let the throngs of women jostle their way in. Under no circumstances should you get off before they get in or engage in any altercation with them directly. Avoiding eye contact would help in going a long way. Any action of the sort can cause serious injury. As they say, hell hath no fury as a bunch of women scorned in a local train. Here’s the finale. Once the women have gotten in and are comfortable, you may get off just before the train moves to its next destination.

Hope you have had a grip over the scene by now, if not, do not sweat. We will go through some more of these life saving lessons in the near future. Next lesson will deal with the perils of the fourth seat! Till then happy traveling

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:) You know, the swiss were very late to lay rail tracks. check this out