Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beanbags anyone?

Thought I'd take a break from noticing stuff peculiar to train journeys and write up about something else. I have always come across this sign on walls of run down buildings - Beanbag , Contact 24xyz423.

I never gave it that much of thought, but when there were too many beanbags on sale across the city, I decided to investigate the situation. That did not go too far though as I was informed that there were in fact people who had beanbags to sell!!

Have you or anyone you know purchased such a beanbag?!!? If yes please do write in.

1 comment:

prachi said...

pretty much an owner of not one but two beanbags..n d ads dat u see on buildings, underconstruction sites and sumtimes side walls is a d most effective and zero cost form of advertising..